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We take the topic of hygiene very seriously!

Hygiene is our top priority!

Hygiene and cleaning schedule SalaThai – Massage & Spa

I) Basics

Hygiene is the “study of the prevention of disease and the maintenance, promotion and consolidation of health”. Hygiene in the narrower sense refers to the measures taken to prevent the transmission of germs, especially cleaning and disinfection; cleanliness is an important part of the scope of hygiene. A preventive hygiene concept has already been taken into account in the design and equipment of the SalaThai studio. For the entire treatment area, the basic rule must also be observed:

No guest comes into contact in the treatment room with things with which another guest has already been in contact.”

In addition, of course, cleanliness and regular cleaning is a matter of course and follows a clear hygiene and cleaning plan.

You can find more information in our hygiene plan.

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